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Do you need/would you like to have high-quality flexible packaging supply to present and protect your products? Check out why we are your perfect supplier of it.

Why choose our services?

Our products are in big search and sold to individual clients and companies directly from our plant as well as through Romania's top wholesalers, who sell our products in large quantities.All this to ensure that you find the highest quality products and services at our company.

Market leader from Romania

30Years of experience

  • Continuing to implement and respect the latest international standards

  • Conducting serious market research to identify new sources of raw material of ever higher quality

  • Continuously implementing the latest technological inventions

  • Continuing to invest in cutting edge equipment

In 2018 our company expanded with a new production hall, were installed two modern technological lines for the production of flexible packaging on high quality.

Innovations-Environmental Protection

Combustion of harmful gases (COV)

Wood material with FSC certification
Bio Compostable raw materials

More “green” future

We will make your dream come true

We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible project results.