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We are a company producing flexible packaging and solid wood materials with more than 30 years of experience, our goal is to offer you products according to the requirements of our customers.

Short history

Flexible packaging

Do you need/would you like to have high-quality flexible packaging supply to present and protect your products?
Check out why we are your perfect supplier of it:

  • we have an experience dating back before 1991, when we were activating in this field as a co-op
  • we are guided by a serious marketing strategy based on thorough market research and governed by our guidelines
  • we have implemented ISO9001 quality management system
  • we have TÜV AUSTRIA certificate no.TA8011903270/05.03.2019 for biodegradable and compostable bags, having the identification number OK Compost INDUSTRIAL S0984
  • we are amongst the cutting-edge flexible packaging manufacturers and we are continuously developing
  • we have made serious investments and are continuously investing

In 2008 we extended our production plant setting up a new, modern production line for manufacturing high quality flexible packaging.

In 2012 we implemented new technologies for manufacturing high quality laminated packaging for automatic product packaging.

In 2018 our company expanded with a new production hall, were installed two modern technological lines for the production of flexible packaging on high quality.

Solid wood processing

Are you in search of high-quality panelling or wooden floor? Your search has taken you to the right place.
Having an experience of 30 years in wood processing, starting before 1991, as a co-op, and 24 years in manufacturing panelling, wooden floor and other products with tongue and groove we deliver high quality products respecting the deadline strictly.
We obtained the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification in 2018, which shows that forests are managed in a responsible way, based on the balance between protecting the environment, meeting the needs of local communities and the economic role of the forest.
Due to the above factors, experience, quality and punctuality, we are a sought after supplier of these products to individual clients and companies directly from our plant as well as through Romania’s top wholesalers who sell our products in large quantities.


To make sure that all our products and services are always of the highest quality, we are implementing the international standards and regulations. Using cutting edge technology we are at your disposal with a wide range of products in the field of personalized or non-personalized packaging.
During the years we have learnt that each and every product and order is unique and must be dealt with as such.
Your satisfaction as our client is the most important thing for us, so we do our utmost to meet your demands by offering high quality products and to deliver them within the agreed deadline.


Our priorities concerning to the future are:

  • continuing to implement and respect the latest international standards;
  • conducting serious market research to identify new sources of raw material of ever higher quality;
  • continuously implementing the latest technological inventions;
  • continuing to invest in cutting edge equipment

All these are to assure the high quality of our products and services.


Flexible packaging

The vast majority, around 90%, of the clients of our plastic processing department come from the public catering sector. The packaging (small bags, large bags, shopping bags, CPP-BOPP-LDPE-HDPE-PET foil or laminated foil) is mainly used by bakeries and other companies in the food industry. Upon request all the packagings are attended by microbiological and migration tests.
The products are manufactured from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), cast polypropylene (CPP), oriented polypropylene (OPP or BOPP), PET etc.
Our state-of-the-art plastic processing machines are made in Asia and Europe.
Upon request the products are personalized by flexography or flexo printing from 1 to 9 colours including “photo-like” polychromy and are made in sizes according to the clients’ request.

Solid wood processing

90% of our solid wood products are manufactured on the orders of construction material wholesalers. 30% of our products are destined for export to the European market.
We produce paneling and wooden floor to the dimensions specified in the order form.
Our production lines are equipped with cutting-edge technology and machines made in Germany, Italy, Sweden etc.
Our products are made of spruce and are sold in their natural colour.